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The essence of our growth has been in the firm belief of striving to provide outstanding value to our clients in a friendly, patient and efficient manner. From the philosophy of Gary Vee, Kerwin Rae, Shakti Durga, Tony Robbins & Jocko Willink the culture perpetuated within the organisation thrives on empathy, responsibility of outcome and striving to give value to the most financially efficient extent possible.

Nimble Nerds has grown to serve thousands of clients over the last 6 years and has grown to a strong, cohesive team of 7 with a wide range of technical expertise. The skills range from customised gaming machine builders to graduates in computer science to network engineers to audio engineers to digital marketers.

Nimble Nerds is a little bit of a comedic name, using the word ‘Nerds’. We continue to strive to shift the perception of the image of the 90s term nerd, to the more recently realised, go-getters of the tech world.

Technology is an amazing tool that can enhance everyone’s organisational skills, communications capabilities and productivity through automation and communications technology. We yearn to make this evolutionary aspect of society as smooth sailing as possible for all. There are many people now realising the freedom that these new technologies can create, allowing many people to communicate online in a plethora of ways, giving rise to digital nomads and tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Leading this change in perception of the technologically astute are streamers, gamers and digital marketers that now reach huge audiences online. Just have a look at the website Twitch and you’ll see that e-sports are now pulling audiences as large as regular sports. A player Ninja, once had 660,000 people watching him at a single time. The adoption and delving into technology is no longer on the fringes.

Our organisational structure

We want to help all businesses grow that utilise technology. We strive to deliver our technology insights with an adept, friendly and agile approach without ego, especially to the disruptions and rapid changes in the industry. Our organisational structure allows us to solve things quickly, with our field technicians being able to communicate with and call on seniors instantly no matter where they are via chat and remote connections. With this format all our field technicians have a supervisor essentially with them at all times. This is where the word Nimble comes from.


Here Are Some Of Our Valued Clients:

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