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We're A Mobile Computer Technician Company With Drop-Offs Available Too

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We believe that it’s best to operate as onsite computer service technicians.

Whether you’re running your own business and need assistance with the networking or IT infrastructure or if you’re at home and require help with your personal computer or perhaps another smart device at your house, our computer technicians will gladly provide you with all the assistance you require to ensure that everything you have is running as optimally as possible and we’ll continue to help and offer advice until you have complete peace of mind.

So a lot of these things would be hard to resolve without coming to you.

But if you would prefer to drop a machine or laptop to us, we can certainly cater to those needs; we know that sometimes people would prefer to drop off their machines to a nearby computer technician team.

For that reason, we now have locations in Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta and Wyong to accept your devices and contact you quickly with updates, expected costs and timeframes required to resolve your requests.

4 Drop Off Locations!
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sydney support office


Level 17
9 Castlereagh St

computer support north sydney

North Sydney

Level 12
141 Walker St

wyong computer services and support


Building 3
1 Amy Close

parramatta computer support services


Level 15
60 Station St East

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Mobile Computer Technicians Sydney & Surrounds

Our CBD office is certainly not far from from Pyrmont, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Edgecliff, Surry Hills, Barangaroo and Paddington. 

But please don’t hesitate to ask if we can come on site much further from the Sydney CBD and we also have computer support technicians roving from Parramatta, North Sydney and Wyong and are happy to even head into the Blue Mountains for example. 

Our computer service technicians Sydney experts are roving and ready to help!

Computer Technicians Sydney FAQ

In short the answer to this question is yes.

However it’s completely immoral.

We take care to not look at customers data at every opportunity, so only look where we need to on a computer.

That’s mainly the system files and settings, not data, unless it requires recovering for example.

If you wanted to be super secure with your data you could either remove it from your machine onto a backup or supervise a computer technician working in your location at all times.

We don’t mind if someone is looking over our shoulder, and you are most welcome to ask any question you can think of.

This is a frequent and interesting question!

Short answer is no, but a more specific answer is that computer technicians would be outstanding at Boolean Algebra.

This is because Boole invented the functioning of electronic circuits as we know it.

As a result, software and hardware functions around this type of algebraic architecture.

A computer technician would think in terms of troubleshooting and problem solving to the extent where the functioning of their thought patterns represents Boolean algebra very accurately.

This one man Boole, pretty much gave birth to the entire tech world, globally, with this invention of algebra.

The most important thing after safety from electricity mains, which is usually not an issue at all, is to ensure that data is safe.

Backups and security are crucial to functioning machines and when in place drastically reduce the threats possible to users data, privacy and finances.

If a computer service technician works on your computer hardware they should also be grounded.

Being grounded stops static and thus damage to components, so should have rubber soled shoes on and an anti-static wrist band can never hurt.

Computer technicians often study diplomas or degrees at either TAFE or universities.
An effective computer technician will have depth of understanding at a tertiary level of engineering.
There are three different types of engineering important to being able to assist clients in homes and businesses.
These three different types of engineering are in hardware software and networking.
To have a tertiary level of understanding ensures that safety privacy and professionalism is adhered to.
It also allows a computer technician to resolve issues they’ve never seen before as they understand how computers networks and software function at a base level.

In major cities there are computer technicians near me. 

Local computer technicians nearby are often found in computer stores, or are mobile computer technicians.

In short the answer to this question is absolutely.

A business computer technician like all of our computer technicians at Nimble Nerds, will be able to assist with not just your computer or laptop but also with your phone, network and other peripherals.

We also have specialists that can provide email and web hosting as well as e-commerce support.


We have computer support technicians available seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Then if you’re busy during the day only have time on a weekend then we can still help.

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