How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

In todays era of high resolution photography HEIC files have become increasingly popular among iPhone users. However when it comes to compatibility on Windows systems JPG format remains the choice. If you are facing difficulties, in converting HEIC to JPG on a Windows platform this guide is specifically designed to assist you. We will explore effective methods to ensure a hassle conversion process.

Understanding the Difference Between HEIC and JPG Formats

Why Should You Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows?

HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) is utilized by Apple devices for storing images with quality while maintaining file sizes compared to the traditional JPG format. However HEIC files may not be as widely supported on Windows platforms. By converting these files into JPG format. Which’s universally compatible. You can ensure that your images can be easily viewed and shared across devices and platforms.

Method 1; Utilizing Built in Tools in Windows

Converting HEIC Files to JPG Using the Windows Photos App
Open with Photos; click the desired HEIC file and it should automatically open in the Windows Photos app.
Edit & Save; Click on the “…” (more) button and select “Edit & Create.” Make any desired edits or adjustments click “Save, as” and choose JPG as the format.

Method 2; Utilizing External Software

Efficient Conversion, with Third Party Applications
There are applications available that can be used to convert HEIC files to JPG. Some popular options include CopyTrans, iMazing HEIC Converter and File Converter. These tools often provide batch conversion capabilities allowing you to convert files simultaneously.

Method 3; Online Conversion Tools

Using Online Services for Conversion
If you prefer an hassle free solution without the need for software installation online converters like or CloudConvert are choices. Simply upload your HEIC file. The service will convert it to JPG format, which you can then download.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Resolving Conversion Problems
In case you encounter any issues during the conversion process make sure that your Windows operating system is up to date and that the software or online service you’re using is compatible with your version. For tools specifically double check your internet connection and file size limits.


Converting HEIC files to JPG on Windows doesn’t have to be a task. Whether you opt for built in tools third party software solutions or online services there’s a method that suits your preferences. This guide aims to assist you in transitioning your HEIC images, into an universally compatible JPG format.

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