Laptop Computer Repairs and Mobile IT Support in Mascot

Nimble Nerds will come to you to provide computer repairs and mobile IT support in Mascot. Computers have become an integral part of our lives because they store our photos and documents, they have turned into our phone book and encyclopedias, and they are the way we stay in touch with our friends and family. We will ensure your computer runs efficiently so it can continue to enhance your life with all its functions.

Malware: What is it?

Not much strikes fear into the hearts of computer users more than being infected by malware. If your computer displays an unusual number of pop-ups, you might be infected with different types of this malicious software. Call us, and we will have a skilled technician out to you as soon as possible to fix your problems.

If you are a veteran computer user, you probably remember the days when pop-ups were a regular occurrence while surfing the web. However, better browsers and pop-up blockers have decreased unsolicited boxes. If you start seeing them or if your computer runs slowly it might be infected with adware, spyware, or scareware.

Adware is software that’s sometimes downloaded with free programs or by visiting infected websites. It gathers data about your browsing and searches, and it customises advertisement pop-ups. Not all adware is malicious, but we can help you decide if you need to remove it.

Spyware has a more malicious intent than just popping up advertisements. Just as the name implies, it is a computer program that spies on you including websites you visit, keystrokes you make, and security measures you have. In some cases, it allows the person on the other end to take control of your computer so they can change passwords or access accounts.

Scareware or ransomware is a pop-up that elicits fear because it tells you the computer is infected and prompts you to click on the pop-up to remove the virus. When you click, it freezes your computer and threatens to erase files if you don’t pay a ransom.

Mobile IT Support in Mascot

If you suspect your computer has been infected by one of these forms of malware our mobile IT support can look for and remove it. If it has caused damage to the hardware or software, we can perform laptop repairs. A technician can ensure you have an updated anti-malware program installed to prevent further infections.

Our mobile IT support will teach you how to update your programs and can set them to update on a regular basis. We can discuss how to make passwords and keep your security strong, types of websites to avoid, and how to back up files. A few tips from our technicians can save you from costly computer repairs.

Even though malware can be scary, we can help keep your computer safe. If you are unsure whether you have adequate protection or if you need computer repairs call Nimble Nerds. Our mobile IT support will come to your house or business in Mascot to upgrade your software or perform laptop repairs.