Nimble Nerds Perform Computer and Laptop Screen Repairs and Software Installation Services in Padstow

Nothing can ruin your day faster than computer issues, but Nimble Nerds are here to save your day. We come to you to perform computer repairs at your home or business in Padstow. In most cases, our knowledgeable technicians will have you up and running within an hour. We are so confident in our services we will give you your money back if you are not satisfied.

Importance of Backing Up Your Files

Whether you use your computer to store important tax documentation or family photos, it is devastating when something happens, and you lose your files. A computer crash, theft, or irreparable damage from water or fire can make data irretrievable, but the cause doesn’t matter because your only concern is that your files are gone.

Our technicians can help you back up your files so you can access everything even if something happens to your computer. Cloud-based storage securely saves your pictures or data, and you can access it wherever you have Internet service, including your cell phone.

We can help find the right cloud storage option for you, provide software installation services, and upload your files. Our knowledgeable technicians will teach you how to access your new account and back-up new files. We strive to talk in plain English and not use industry jargon so that you have a full understanding before we leave. You never know when something is going to happen to your computer which makes it impossible to recover the data, therefore, you shouldn’t delay in making an appointment.

Computer Repairs in Padstow

If something has happened to your computer or it doesn’t seem to be working right, just call us. We can handle hardware and software computer issues. Hardware consists of the physical components of your computer such as the screen, keyboard, memory, and internal circuitry. Software is the code or programs that your computer uses to run its functions.

We will troubleshoot any issues and complete your computer repairs as fast as possible. Our technicians can repair damage to the hardware of your computer such as the hard drive and keyboard, as well as laptop screen repairs. Your software is unable to run correctly if there are issues with the hardware but rest assured, our experience and knowledge will be at your disposal.

Some issues may cause your computer to still perform some functions albeit very slowly. For example, your computer may need to be prompted to run some maintenance to get it running efficiently. If you think your machine is infected by a virus, malware, or spyware – we can remove it and do software installation services to keep reinfection at bay.

Call on Nimble Nerds for all your computer repairs and software installation services in Padstow. We can handle laptop screen repairs and faulty hard drives, and we can teach you how to keep your files safe through cloud-based backup procedures. If you are worrying your computer isn’t working right, call on us, and we’ll take the worries off your shoulders.