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5 tips to speed up your computer

Do you run into problems with your computer frequently? Facing such issues every now and then is annoying. Of course, if your computer ever runs into a problem you’re stuck with, like a frequent blue screen crash or something just doesn’t seem right, you can contact us. For the...
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Which printer should I buy?

A printer is not something you buy every day. Hence, on the day you decide to buy one, you’re flooded with a variety of printers – both online and offline. It is fairly easy to find tons of good printers with a multitude of features in the market these days. The baffling...
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4 common ways to get a virus

Is your PC running slower than usual? Is it behaving in a weird manner? Are there files on your system you don’t recognize? You might have been infected by a computer virus. Although the term “virus” encompasses a number of other tech jargon terms such as worms,...
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Should I buy a paid antivirus?

  Free antiviruses these days give us enough reasons to lend their paid counterparts a second thought. They’re made by the same companies. They’re constantly monitoring our PCs against virus and malware attacks. Most of the times, they manage to catch hold of the commonly...
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4 ways to future-proof your SME network

Most businesses these days use networking to facilitate their IT wings. But as generic as the term “networking” is, its needs and requirements differ vastly for large enterprises and SMEs. SME networks are a modest cluster of computers with basic needs to support efficient data...
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Email Spoofing Scam

An email has been recently spreading that manages to convince it’s recipients that the sender has access to their computer. And with that access to their computer they have recorded them doing certain activities on their webcam. They claim that they have obtained their...
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Use System Restore To Fix Windows

All too often Windows Updates can stuff up a perfectly functioning PC. If you experience a slower machine, crashes, blue screens, programs not opening or updates not installing properly sometimes the cause is that an update is faulty. Windows 10 has a built in function to undo...
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