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Businesses all across Sydney rely on networks to connect computers and other hardware, throughout offices and across the country.

Whether you’re establishing or expanding your remote workforce, or just changing a few things in the office, your networks need to be exceptional. We’ll help find the perfect networking solutions for you and your business.

Why is networking support so important for your business?

Networks are critical to the way many businesses function. Therefore, quality networking support is very important, and critical for ensuring your business runs as it should. In this new world of business, where more employees are working remotely than ever before, networking is even more important.

Keeping everyone connected across multiple sites and locations, particular when many employees are at home, can be tough. This is why you should hire the experts to connect, optimise and maintain your IT networks.

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Expert networking support and advice is available

At Nimble Nerds, we’re a one stop shop for exceptional IT support. Our expert technicians are well versed in networking, which includes monitoring your networks, establishing new networks, repairing network issues and much more.

A great business can’t do what it does best if its networks and other programs are down. Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to quality networking support at all times, this can happen faster than you realise. What’s more, faulty internet connections are the bane of many organisations’ productivity. Solve those problems and more, with expert networking support from Nimble Nerds.

Our computer technicians can help remotely, or in person. If you need urgent support, give us a call right away and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Network Monitoring

Network monitoring involves acquiring the data needed to ensure that your network is running as smoothly as possible. For instance, if you’re having network issues or require network troubleshooting, we can help. Our expert IT support specialists will run diagnostic tests on your network and diagnose any problems.

Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll go about repairing your network. That ensures your productivity is as high as can be! Moreover, your employees will be able to complete their tasks easily, without stress and in good time. That’s a win for everyone!


Wide Area Networks (WANs) span over large areas and oftentimes, will need a little networking support. If your business does use a WAN, it’s probably for remote printing, camera feeds or something similar.

These networks are super useful. However, if they experience trouble, some of your important business functions might be out of commission. For that reason, it’s critical to have the professionals on hand. And who better than Nimble Nerds?


Local Area Networks (LANs) are a crucial part of any business. They are connected networks situated in one location, such as one office building or at home. These networks allow employees to remain connected while completing a range of tasks. For example, that might include sharing files and folders, collaborating on shared applications or even gaming. However, if you experience problems, you’ll need IT support fast.

This is where Nimble Nerds can help. Our expert computer technicians will come to you, repair your LAN quickly, so you can get back to work. What’s more, we can even set up your local area network from scratch and have it humming in no time. 

Internet Connections

Internet connection problems in the office, or at home? We’re here to help. Wi-Fi connectivity and other internet problems can be super frustrating. On the other hand, a quick, smooth connection just makes life easier!

We have plenty of experience in troubleshooting internet problems in your office or at home, as well as setting up new Wi-Fi and hardwire connections. Moreover, we’ll do it all with a smile because we love what we do.

Security Cameras

Do you need security cameras set up at work, or at home? Or do you have existing security cameras that are playing up?

At Nimble Nerds, our technicians are experts at setting up new security cameras and connecting them to your existing networks. Furthermore, we can help fix any issues you might be having. In the end, that means a safer workplace or home, for you and your employees.

Need networking help? Nimble Nerds are here. Simply give our friendly reception a call and we’ll book in a consultation.

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