HDMI Cables

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables, although they were overshadowed by other display cables at one point when high-end displays weren’t necessarily the mainstream, they’re easily one of the most, if not the most, common type of display cables available nowadays. Almost every single high-end display that surfaces nowadays comes with HDMI support and, whether you’re running a TV or a computer monitor, you can be certain that you’ll likely need an HDMI cable in order to get it to run because this is perhaps the most common standard nowadays so it’s fair to say that these cables are integral to pretty much every type of setup out there nowadays.


It’s important to highlight that, although most people are generally only aware of traditional HDMI to HDMI cables, there are actually various types of these cables such as Display Port to HDMI cables, HDMI to VGA or DVI for compatibility, USB C to HDMI cables, and even HDMI to micro HDMI cables. It’s certainly become important for such a vast selection of cables to be available nowadays because there are several distinct scenarios in which the traditional HDMI to HDMI cable doesn’t work.


At Nimble Nerds, we offer a truly enormous selection of HDMI cables of many different kinds so, no matter what type of cable you’re on the hunt for, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find it with us. Whether you want a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, a high-speed HDMI 2.0 capable cable or even something else entirely, you’ll easily be able to find it with us. Other than just providing a massive selection, though, we also offer exceptional prices so you can be certain that anything you buy from us will be at a reasonable rate. We don’t compromise on quality either so you can expect any cable you purchase from us to last for quite some time.


Types of HDMI Cables


Although we’ve shed a bit of light on the types of HDMI cables above, it’s worth going into a bit more detail about them to ensure that you know what the different types of cables you are and which one will perfectly fit your needs and requirements. There are actually various different kinds of HDMI cables nowadays with different specs for each one.


The types of HDMI cables are primarily divided by categories with category 1 being the lowest-end cable that’s capable of supporting a resolution of up to 1080i but this goes all the way up to category 3 which is capable of a whopping bandwidth of 48 GB/s and can support 8K resolution at a steady 60Hz or, for those who want a higher refresh rate, a 4K resolution at constant 120Hz. Of course, as time goes on, we’ll likely see the development of new standards but these are the main types of HDMI cables currently available.


The types of HDMI cables also vary depending on their connectors as some have a traditional HDMI to HDMI design whereas there are also others that have different ports for different connectivity options.


If you’re on the lookout for cheap HDMI cables that excel in terms of quality and will fulfill each of your requirements, Nimble Nerds is easily the best spot to shop for them. We have a wide offering of cheap HDMI cables that have exceptional build quality so they’re sure to last you for a long time should you choose to give us a shot. Our selection of HDMI cables available for sale is a truly massive one so there’s no doubt that you’ll easily be able to find one that perfectly suits all your needs.

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