Silicon Power 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 R/W up to 3,400/3,000MB/s SSD (SU001TBP34A80M28UA) Price: $189.00 (as of 23/06/2021 23:48 PST- Details)

The full capacity P34A80 takes high-end devices to a complete new level of performance and responsiveness. Supporting the super-fast PCIe Gen 3 x4 interface, it reaches unbelievable read and write speeds of as much as 3400MB/s and 3000MB/S leaving PCIe Gen 3 x2 and SATA III at the back of by an enormous margin and high-power users with nothing better to pray for. It’s without equal addition on your performance gaming arsenal. Massive speed and high performance, yet lower power consumption and a small form factor for system flexibility, it’s a gamer’s dream. Supporting RAID engine, the P34A80 also maintains system stability and data integrity throughout even essentially the most highly-demanding applications that depend on superior storage performance. The P34A80 weighs in at a mere 8 grams. As versatile as it’s effective, the SSD’s small form factor permits for simple installation within the thinnest notebooks, mobile applications, and PC desktops alike. NVMe 1.3 qualified, the P34A80 utilizes the contemporary SSD controller technology to enhance Host Memory Buffer (HMB), leading to an improved overall performance level at the same time as reducing cost and power consumption.

Super-fast PCIe Gen3x4 interface for read/write speeds of as much as 3,400MB/s / 3,000MB/s
NVMe 1.3 supportNVMe 1.3 enhance, RAID engine for enhanced data integrity
Slim form factor M.2 2280 (80mm) for best have compatibility in slim and portable mobile applications or desktop PCs
To enhance a Silicon Power PCIe SSD, the system must have an M.2 connector with handiest an M key. The Silicon Power PCIe SSD does no longer have a B notch and due to this fact, the B key at the SSD connector will save you it from being inserted.
The custom screw must include the motherboard or PC. Please acquire the screw out of your motherboard or PC manufacturer, if needed

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