Wavlink USB Bluetooth Adapter For PC

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Wavlink USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC is a great option for you if you have been looking for the perfect alternate device for audio streaming, data exchange, and so on with a great wireless connection. No extra license feel is required when you have Authorized BlueSoleil 9 software with it.


This USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC comes with an auto-pairing system to offer a more convenient and hassle-free experience. The auto pair and connection works with keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc., and pairs automatically for file transferring purposes also. This USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC is quite affordable for anyone and yet provides the best services according to many users.


When it comes to transmission speed, this Bluetooth adopter offers smooth, stable, and super-fast transmission with its built-in antenna. You will get up to 3MB of speed convenience with it and enjoy the fast speed of wireless transmission within 10 meters radius without needed to hover somewhere near the device. When it comes to send or receive range, it works fine within 20 meters to 50 meters.


The Bluetooth chip in this USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC works smartly. As a result, you will get a clear and stable transmission without any interference at all so that you do not face any issues. It comes with a sleek design and small size so that you can have great portability convenience. This USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC is made of the highest quality material for offering a longer service life. No matter how many times you plug it in and out, the service it will offer will always be like new.


  • Authorized BlueSoleil 9 software to drive.
  • Stable and super-fast transmission speed.
  • 10 meters of the high-speed range.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or lower devices compatibility.
  • Portable, durable, and smart Bluetooth chip.


Without further delay, grab one of these Wavlink USB Bluetooth adapters for PC and enhance your wireless connection experience.


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