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Friendly data recovery Sydney team that understands how truly crucial some data can be.

Jeapordised data can be the biggest impact on a business or individual; it’s years of effort, memories or crucial records.

We can give clear estimates of time and cost before booking.

7 Days A Week, 9am to 8pm.

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We're A Mobile Data Recovery Company With Drop-Offs Available Too

computer repairs often involve fixing software issues too

We believe that it’s best to operate as onsite data recovery technicians.

This is because a number of issues can be resolved on the spot. 

Data recovery requests are usually accompanied with failing components. So it’s quite often that one of our data recovery technicians, who also excels as a computer technician, would be expected to not only recover that data but get your computer or laptop in question up and running again.

Our local team to Sydney is mobile and ready to provide onsite data recovery from anywhere between Bondi, Sutherland, the Central Coast and Blue Mountains.

But if you would prefer to drop a machine or storage drive to us, we can certainly cater to those needs; we know that sometimes people would prefer to drop off their machines to a nearby data recovery team.

For that reason, we now have locations in Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta and Wyong to accept your devices and contact you quickly with updates, expected costs and timeframes required to resolve your requests.

4 Drop Off Locations!
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sydney support office


Level 17
9 Castlereagh St

computer support north sydney

North Sydney

Level 12
141 Walker St

wyong computer services and support


Building 3
1 Amy Close

parramatta computer support services


Level 15
60 Station St East

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Mobile Data Recovery Sydney & Surrounds

Our CBD office is certainly not far from from Pyrmont, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Edgecliff, Surry Hills, Barangaroo and Paddington. 

But please don’t hesitate to ask if we can come on site much further from the Sydney CBD and we also have data recovery support technicians roving from Parramatta, North Sydney and Wyong and are happy to even head into the Blue Mountains for example. 

Our data recovery technicians Sydney experts are roving and ready to help!

Data Recovery Sydney FAQ

100% yes.

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

All data storage will fail at some point, you need to store it in multiple locations.

The best approach is to have three copies of your critical data;

  1. To use daily
  2. A daily local backup/copy of that data. It can be onto an external drive or in the cloud.
  3. A weekly backup of your critical data that is safe from fire, theft and water damage. Usually off site.

The most pressing aspect of this concern is the safety and privacy of your data.

As professionals, we take everyone’s data very seriously and approach it with the utmost care.

We do our very best to carefully secure and recovery all data required and to not look at any more data than is necessary to ensure that the files and photos are accessible and working properly.


Yes, but not always.

Sometimes we’re able to recover data on the spot, as computer technicians.

If we fail in our recovery processes, we need to escalate to our data recovery specialist team.

It’s at this point where data recovery can be deeply assessed and all measures taken to get data back.

At this point it’s usually possible, but it unfortunately gets quite expensive.

At an onsite level, data recovery is done when a part connecting a drive fails, or when a drive hasn’t completely failed but can no longer run Windows.

This is the best scenario.

If the drive has completely failed then it starts to unfortunately get quite expensive to recover. 

This is because a drive needs to be dismantled, piece by piece, in a static and dust free environment so as to not exarcerbate the issue.

For this we quote on and get approval from clients to go ahead but most often cost closer to $500.

Windows has what are called shadow copies or clones.

Using a program like shadow explorer allows you to navigate through these shadow layers on your drive to often be able to pull out individual files that have been erased.

This would be related to accidental deletions rather than component failures.


Data recovery can often be done in a one hour appointment.

Sometimes when this fails we need to escalate the issue to our senior team.

Then it can take several weeks to complete and recover a more serious data recovery request.

This depends.

It’s defintely worth determining if you need to pay a technician a minimum one hour service fee to recover your data.

There is also a chance that it cannot be resolved at that cost; but it can be diagnosed at that cost.

Sometimes the price can go up to over $1000.

So the question is; how much is your data worth to you?

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