About Us

The essence of our growth has been in the firm belief of providing outstanding value to our clients in a friendly, patient and effective manner.

From the philosophy of New York business coach Gary Vee, Australian business coach Kerwin Rae, renowned meditation master Shakti Durga, world leader coach Tony Robbins & Navy SEAL captain Jocko Willink we’ve been able to stay on the cutting edge of management philosophy.

The culture perpetuated within Nimble Nerds is centric to empathy, accountability, decentralised roles of autonomous troubleshooting, tithing and giving value to each and every client in the most friendly, patient and financially efficient extent possible.

Decentralised Autonomy

Pro-Active Problem Solvers With Strong Backing

We want to help all those that utilise technology grow into being able to understand and utilise it with more and more ease.

We strive to deliver our technology insights with an adept, friendly and agile approach without ego, especially to the disruptions and rapid changes in the industry. 

Our organisational structure allows us to solve things quickly, with our field technicians being able to communicate with and call on senior engineers instantly no matter where they are via chat and remote connections. 

With this format all our field technicians have a supervisor essentially with them at all times. 

This is where the word Nimble comes from.

About Our Company

The People Behind The Tech

Our Vision

The stresses of being organised and meeting deadlines certainly meet their crescendos when we can't rely on tech.
To resolve tech issues efficiently, reliably and consistently certainly makes peoples lives easier.
Making people's lives easier goes deep; a better life, a happier perspective and more room to be ourselves.

Our Mission

To respond as an integral part of your team. To be friendly and patient, and always work efficiently and economically minded. Umami is sometimes a term used to describe a satiated feel after a delicious meal; there is undoubtedly a satiation of doing a job well done when the worst of the tech problem is behind us.

Computer Repair Technician
Computer Repair Technicians
Astute And Motivated

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