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The essence of our growth has been in the firm believe of striving to provide oustanding value to our clients in a friendly, patient and efficient manner. From the philosophy of Gary Vee, Kerwin Rae, Shakti Durga, Tony Robbins & Jocko Willink the culture perpetuated within the organisation thrives on empathy, responsbility of outcome and striving to give value to the most financially efficient extent possible.

From a very young age, before the invention of Windows and it’s widely utilised graphical user interface, the founder of Nimble Nerds, Robert Wilson was being taught the in’s and out’s of computer engineering by his grandfather. He donned the nickname computer wizard shortly after from his father, taking to the inherently deeply logical devices like a duck to water.

In primary school Rob assisted other students with learning how to type and picked up just about every IT class offered to him at high school. An electronics and programming teacher took him under his wing from Year 8, teaching him his first programming language in Visual Basic as well as building a light detecting robot to compete in a school vs school tournament to see which robot would complete a maze the fastest.

In Year 11, Rob started his first business, being commissioned to create a CD for a widely distributed textbook that taught students the basics in Microsoft Excel. The CD was an interactive walkthrough of the classes provided by the book.

Straight from school and into TAFE, Rob then completed two advanced diplomas by 19, receiving certifications in Networking Engineering and Internetworking. He received many 100% marks in his classes.

During time at TAFE, Rob met world class gaming competitors and developed his skills in first person shooters, taking a team of 5 to state finals in World Cyber Games. Competitions were far smaller then, with similar level tournaments now filling stadiums and having 6 figure prize pools. Spending a lot of time gaming meant spending weekends in his teens building networks with his friends so they could game into the night. This forced them to stumble through the myriad of network problems that arose in such situations. Often a lot of time was spent crowding around a machine trying to solve a problem no 15 to 17 year old had seen before, and things were far less automatated then. No troubleshooter programs, very nuts and bolts level problem solving.
He then started his career in network administration, assisting in the support of the 10,000+ computer, state-wide network of the RMS (RTA at the time) from Parramatta. It was here he had his first real-world applications to Novell, Windows Servers and Active Directory.

At this point, after reading a lot of Robert Kiyosaki influence he decided to go headlong into working full time for his own business. Getting it off the ground as Technologuy, he realised a lot of people had trouble pronouning the comical name and thought he better make it a bit simpler. This was the birth of Nimble Nerds.

Nimble Nerds then grew to serve almost 4,000 clients over the last 6 years (as of 2019) and has grown to a strong, cohesive team of 7 with a wide range of technical expertise. The skills range from customised gaming builds to graduates in computer science to digital marketers.

Nimble Nerds is a little bit of a comedic name, using the word ‘Nerds’. We continue to shift the perception of the image of the 90s term nerd, being introverted and socially inept to the more recently realised, Information Age version of the nerd.

Technology is an amazing tool that can enhance everyone’s organisational skills, communications capabilities and productivity through automation and we yearn to make this evolutionary aspect of society as smooth sailing as possible for all. There are many people now realising the freedom that these new technologies can create, allowing many people to communicate online in a plethora of ways, giving rise to digital nomads and tech savvy entreprenuers.

Leading this change in perception of the technologically astute are streamers, gamers and digital marketers that now reach huge audiences online. Just have a look at the website Twitch and you’ll see that e-sports are now pulling audiences as large as regular sports. A player Ninja, once had 660,000 people watching him at a single time. The adoption and delving into technology is no longer on the fringes.

We want to help all businesses grow that utilise technology. We strive to deliver our technology insights with an adept and agile approach, especially to the disruptions and rapid changes in the industry. Our organisational structure allows us to solve things quickly, with our field technicians being able to communicate with and call on seniors instantly no matter where they are via chat and remote connections. With this format all our field technicians have a supervisor essentially with them at all times. This is where the word Nimble comes from.


To establish depth of knowledge at first point of contact with prospective clients in a friendly manner
Respond to requests in a timely manner and resolve them in an efficient and economical manner
Follow up with clients after completion of service to ensure every single request is covered with competency, and to attend to anything asap if it is outstanding

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Complete Resolution At First Point Of Contact
Efficient Management Of Time

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