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Most people perceive computers as a break-fix scenario. When something goes wrong, a computer technician is called upon to give advice and implement a solution.

But when you think about it, this isn’t always the case; backups, anti-virus and other perils all are parts of pre-emptive approaches to ensuring that your problem doesn’t become a catastrophe.

With our VIP monthly subscription we offer a package that covers all the primary issues with a machine for just $12 per month per device.

With this subscription to our VIP status you get:

Managed & Monitored Endpoint Security

The next generation of security solutions is here.

Not only do we now have a comprehensive suite of anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall systems, we can deploy such applications across our managed network to endpoint devices.

This allows us to not only ensure that remote machines are running their security solutions at all times with effectiveness, we can also be alerted to any failures to quarantine, disinfect or prevent the spread of threats on a network.

BitDefender is the leading security application due to it’s cutting edge comprehensiveness in virus database detail.

They stay on top of the latest exploits and attacks that haven’t been solved globally, creating and implementing solutions across their global network of security applications faster than any competitor.

managed services endpoint security

Discounted Remote Services

After we do the initial configuration and installation of our remote access and monitoring tools we’re able to offer remote services, and at a discounted rate to our on-site services.

This allows us to respond to smaller tasks where perhaps a busy student or business owner needs a quick remote session for guidance with an Excel sheet, or perhaps some insight into why their critical program isn’t loading so they can get straight back to work.

With this package, gone are the days where the majority of issues require an on-site appointment, made hours or even days in advance to tackle the smallest of requests.

And due to us not needing to cover the costs of technicians’ travel time, we can offer this service for our VIP members in 15 minute blocks at $25 per block.

This means that what previously may have been a minimum hour fee can now be resolved in potentially a 15 minute remote session with a drastically faster response time.

remote support in managed services

While we still ask that you call to make an appointment, response times can be measured in minutes rather than hours.

Back To Base Critical Alert Functionality

Many issues with computers can be detected and resolved before a standard user would know that the issue has happened.

The most common of such scenarios is for example, when Windows detects bad physical blocks on a hard drive, records are made in the system end of the operating system.

This is a sign that the hard drive has a failure on the horizon; a mechanical defect that slowly gets worse, slowing the machine gradually over time and jeapordising your important files and photos.

We can be prompted to receive such alerts to do with hard drives, other components, Windows updates and errors and respond accordingly before it becomes a disaster.

A hard drive with imminent failure looming can be approached in a pre-emptive manner; ensuring your data is backed up and that the component can be swapped out at a convenient time to prevent down time during critical working hours.

critical alerts with managed services

If down time or loss of data can be of serious consequence to your working process, please do consider this VIP sunscription to bolster your machine’s reliability, your data’s security and your peace of mind.

If you’d like to discuss this option you can reach us on our main line; 02 8091 0815 or email us at

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