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Fantastic service, Rob was really helpful 😁👍


I was extremely happy with the amazing, timely and affordable service provided by Nimble Nerds. I highly recommend them to anyone with any technical issues. These are the guys to fix your problem 🙌🏽✊🏽🙏🏽 Thanks heaps guys

Mariana Fitness

Great bunch, very friendly

Johnson Yuen

Great service easy to talk to and fixed my computer problems in about 30 mins. I would recommend nimble nerds the technicians are friendly and reliable I will definitely use again.

Sheila Fawns, Anandamaya
computer repairs Sydney review

Amazing service! For computer troubles, email setup, business computing, Rob at Nimble Nerds is always very helpful.

Ben Jones
computer repairs Sydney review 4

These guys were great! Rob was polite, professional and super helpful – he fixed my computer super quickly – I would totally recommend this service to anyone! 🙂

Liam Bradley
Heebie Jeebies
computer repairs Sydney review 2

Thank you so much to Nimble Nerds for your friendly, fast and helpful service. Its great to find a company that provides quality advice and service you can trust. Highly recommended!

Coadie Bingham
Prestige Sign Group
computer repairs Sydney review 3

Rob is the best ! Out the same day for a crisis and efficient, lovely and great value for service . This is my second experience with Nimble Nerds and there’s nowhere else I’d go !

Barbara Traub
computer repairs Sydney review 5

We had an issue with the internet and computers at the office which meant our systems were down. We called these guys and Rob a technician came under an hour and got everything up and running within 30 mins. Super efficient, easy communication and such a trustworthy bunch. Thanks Nimble Nerds!!!!

Jenifer Andre
computer repairs Sydney review 6
I was wary about ringing a computer technician who I didn’t know but Robert gave prompt, professional and friendly service and fixed the problems quickly. He called at my home for his service call but had to take my computer to his workshop to replace the dead drive. I got it back very quickly and have had no problems since.
Viviane Morrigan
computer repairs Sydney review 7

Incredible communication, very quick response times, knowledgable and super-friendly consultants and provide incredible value.

Stefan Bujak
computer repairs Sydney review 8

Absolutely fantastic company. I have used their home visit to repair my laptop as well as calling them in desperate times with software problems and on every occasion the person who has served has been brilliant. While I can make my way around a computer, I have limitations, and these guys are knowledgeable, professional and know how to talk with non-nerd people. They go above and beyond assisting people with their tech issues.

Narelle Patterson
computer repairs Sydney review 8

excellent customer service. Reliable, honest and reasonably priced. A refreshing approach.

Maroun Rahme
computer repairs Sydney review 9

I was most impressed by the professional attitude of Nimble Nerds. I had my broken laptop screen repaired much faster than I had expected and it was much cheaper than I had been originally quoted. 5/5 would approach for pc repairs again.

Tim PG
computer repairs Sydney review 10

Rob from Nimble Nerds was so helpful and had my laptop running after I was told a virus had overrun all the programmes. Brilliant. Highly recommend

Dee DeTurnham

Consider Mobile Computer Repairs Sydney Over A Store:

  • If you unplug all those cables, you’ll have to set everything back up when you bring it back after repairs. At best it’s time consuming, at worst it’s tricky
  • It’s rare to have a personalised experience in a computer shop. Sit with our friendly staff and get walked through the specifics
  • Carrying a desktop to a shop is very cumbersome
  • Taking a machine to a store immediately rules out your network, connected devices, Internet speed to just name a few things. Computer technicians can cover a lot more bases when a computer is setup where it is normally located because they can see how everything is interconnected

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Hardware Repair
We understand the engineering behind interconnected, internal components of computers. This allows us to adeptly identify which components are causing problems with your computer and replace those components. Often this is a great opportunity for upgrades, and we'll always give options if this is the case.
Software Repair & Configuration
Driver problems, blue screens of death, or just email configurations, we've seen it all. While the causes of software problems can always be different, we always employ the fundamentals in cascading troubleshooting to determine the most efficient solutions.
Network Issues & Setup
Networks can be very involved when things go wrong. The engineers in our team are well versed with all kinds of network issues; from Internet connectivity issues to networked printers and scanners to interconnected offices via encrypted Internet connections. We're certified and ready to jump to the occasion.
New Computer Builds
Unfortunately, sometimes it's more economical to replace a computer than to repair it. In situations where we identify this scenario, we help weigh up the options and choose the most economical way to proceed. We can custom build computers that are very competitively priced for performance and longevity.
Security Analysis And Implementation
The Internet is rife with scammers and viruses. We can ensure computers and networks are secure, give recommendations on improvements and most often automate it so it's completely set and forget to make things easy for you. We've helped recover data held to ransom as well as liaised with banks to retract tens of thousands of stolen dollars in fraudulent online interactions.
Backup Advice
We can't stress the importance of backups. We hate to say it, but we've seen clients lose 10 years of treasured photos, 10,000 word theses and years of company data too. Prevention is better than cure with data management and we can take you through the rules of thumb to ensure you never lose a file again.
Peripheral Connections And Troubleshooting
Networked printers and scanners can have very complex settings. We can configure them with strong foundations to ensure they don't drop out, as most do when configured with automatic settings. This is just an example of the external devices we can assist with. If it connects with a cord, wifi, bluetooth, to a network, the Internet or a computer, it's likely we can provide insight and resolve any issues. This is because we have training in the engineered structures of computing be it network, hardware, electronic or software based, they all follow the same design fundamentals. We can adapt quickly to changes and disruptions in the industry to consistently deliver sound results.
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Did You Know?
Some issues are quickly resolved with a simple few steps. If you think you have a virus or Internet issue, here’s a couple simple approaches to get started. Remember, we are just a phone call away though; please feel free to call anytime even just to ask a technical question. And we always have technician’s standing by to help you with onsite computer help.
Is It A Virus?
Do you have a pop up, virus issue or is your computer slow? If you can, the best first step is to run a scan with Malwarebytes. Simply download and install their free trial software and run a scan. It will show what threats are on your machine and you can remove these threats with a single click.
Asked Your Internet Provider?
If your Internet is down, sometimes the best and first port of call is to contact your Internet Service Provider. If your Internet provider is unable to locate the issue, says that the problem is with your computer or local network, or is too difficult to communicate with, we can help. Calling your provider first (if you have the time) can be the most efficient approach to resolving such an issue as sometimes the issue is on their end, with their infrastructure or your account settings.

We’ve got a bunch more tips in our Repair Dinkum blog space.

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We offer 10% discounts on labour to all pensioners.

Please show your pension card for the reduced rate.


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Mobile Computer Repairs Sydney

Phone: (02) 8091 0815
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Home Computer Repairs Sydney
Our home computer repairs Sydney team are adept at home technology. On a daily basis we see wifi and ethernet networks, shared printers, home entertainment setups, desktops, tablets, smart phones and laptops. Anything you've got at home, if it turns on and beeps our home computer repairs Sydney services can assist.
Business Computer Repairs Sydney
About half of booked services are for business computer repairs Sydney. We assist small to medium businesses in quite a few capacities. We're experienced and capable with complex network setups, document collaboration, office-wide cloud backups, email hosting and domain recoveries from fake spam hijacks. We also provide tech support services that allow staff members to reach out to us when your company may be just under the size of having internal IT staff.

Our team is standing by to assist.

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