Amazon Clinic: Adapting to Virtual Care & Partnering with Health Systems

The expansion of Amazon Clinic across the whole of the USA has posed a challenge to healthcare providers prompting them to reconsider their roles in the health landscape. However can telehealth services like Amazons truly replace the established relationships between patients and healthcare providers?

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Delving into Amazons Telehealth Service

In November Amazon Clinic emerged by offering video visits and messaging based consultations. It has now extended its appointments to all 50 states while the messaging service is currently available in 34 states. It is worth noting that Amazons telehealth service does not accept insurance; video appointments are priced at $75. Messaging consultations cost $35. Although Amazon Clinic does not have its telehealth platform or providers yet it connects patients with companies such as Curai Health, Hello Alpha, SteadyMD and Wheel. With its known brand name and an extensive customer base Amazon is poised to become a player in the healthcare industry.

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Exploring Collaborations, in Virtual Healthcare

Some healthcare industry leaders, like Sara Vaezy, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Providence advocate for collaborating with Amazon Clinic as it offers a platform for patients and providers to connect. By leveraging Amazons consumer expertise healthcare systems can adapt it to cater to care journeys. Vaezy believes that healthcare providers should come together to establish a technology infrastructure centered around the needs of customers, which will serve as a foundation for channel partnerships.

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The Integration of Amazon Clinic in Digital Health Strategies

Healthcare providers must respond to trends. According to Eric Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Memorial Hermann Health System organizations should prioritize building lasting relationships with patients by incorporating Amazon Clinic into their services. Additionally Michelle Conger from OSF Healthcare in Peoria emphasizes the significance of round the clock accessibility and convenience driven by platforms. Lastly Amber Fencl from Novant Health underlines the importance of a network of providers and facilities that can support services.

While virtual healthcare partnerships with Amazon Clinic hold potential traditional healthcare providers value the importance of maintaining long term relationships, between patients and providers. Incorporating health strategies and collaborating with platforms such, as Amazon Clinic can greatly benefit healthcare systems enabling them to meet the evolving needs of patients.

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