Understand And Showcase Your Business With Customer Feedback

When it comes to running a successful business, hoping for the best just won’t cut it. It’s important to know how customers and prospective customers feel about your company and its offerings, and the best way to gauge that is through customer feedback. In the past, getting that feedback was easier said than done; today, technology has made it easier than ever.

Customer Feedback Collection Best Practices

There are so many ways to assess how customers feel these days that there’s simply no excuse for not making it a top priority. After all, such feedback is the information that is needed to improve products and services, bolster customer service and otherwise continually improve your business.

Fortunately, there are many avenues to explore for collecting feedback from customers. Here are some of the best options for doing so.

Customer Feedback Surveys

A quick and easy way to gauge how customers feel about just about anything is by offering a survey. You can take your pick from a wide selection of technologies for surveying customers, including many that are free – or nearly so. Surveymonkey.com, for example, offers a variety of ways to add surveys to websites, social media, emails and more. From assessing the user experience of buying through your website to determining how well a new product is going over, surveys are among the best tools around.

On-Site Activity Analytics

Interestingly enough, you don’t necessarily have to pose questions to your customers to get feedback from them. Website analytics can be used to see how people interact with your e-commerce site, allowing you to determine what’s working and what isn’t. For example, website heatmapping provides a visual representation of where visitors click and otherwise interact with a webpage. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to see the average bounce rate for a page. This metric shows you the percentage of visitors who land on a page and bounce away without further interaction. A high bounce rate can be a considered a vote against your offerings.

Email and Contact Forms

Email can be a great way to collect feedback from customers at all points of the sales journey. Encourage people to email your business with their feedback or to use a form. Just make sure to let them know when they can expect a response – and stick to it. An app like Trello can be used to create “boards” that collect information from emailed feedback, allowing your team to grasp the whole picture.

Usability Testing

A more hands-on way to solicit feedback is by performing usability testing before releasing a new product or service. More legwork is involved, but the feedback that you receive can be priceless – and it directly relates to a specific product or service, allowing you to make improvements as needed.

Social Media Customer

Customers often share their experiences with products and services through social media sites like Twitter. Social listening apps like HootSuite and TweetReach alert you to mentions of your brand. This allows you to collect feedback across multiple social media platforms in one swoop.

Customer Feedback Portals

Feedback from customers frequently appears on customer review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and TrustPilot. Instead of manually checking such sites from time to time, you can use an app like gatherup.com to quickly check for feedback across all of the popular review portals.

Learn What Your Customers Think Today!

The last thing you should do when running a business is rest on your laurels. If you’re not constantly working to grow your business, you are putting it on the line. Put the technologies above to use to kick-start your quest for customer feedback and to start improving and growing your business. If you need further guidance, just contact us!

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