Free Invoicing & Customer Database

When you have free invoicing and customer databases customers notice quickly when they have a query about a previous service and you can pull up their data instantly.

Zoho offers a plethora of services for a fee. But their stand out is the free invoicing system they have. It allows you to build a customer database and retain their details; name, contact number, email and physical address. It then allows you to record invoices under each customers profile and email them overall at no cost.

While their free invoicing system will allow you to get started invoicing and building your database. After you increase your customer database beyond 5 customers, the cost starts and slowly increases. It goes up to $29USD per month for an unlimited sized customer database.

Set Up Your Free Invoicing

Reinforce the account’s security with two factor authentication. This allows the system to ensure that it’s you that’s accessing your account by sending an SMS or email to you, as extra verification.

Enter your business name and time zone with some other configurations.

Upload your business’ logo so that it is shown on each invoice when they are emailed out to your customers.

A great start to going paperless also!

Zoho’s Dashboard

Once you’ve created your account you’ll be taken to the dashboard. Here you will have a display of the invoices you’ve created, what’s due, and what is overdue as well as how overdue it is.

Here’s the Zoho invoices dashboard to give a rundown of your invoicing state.

Start creating your customer database.

Create Your Customer Database

Start building your customer database. From here you can choose which customer’s you would like to record invoices under, as well as record their contact details and keep record of their payments too.

Send Invoices For Free Via Email From Zoho

Perhaps the best feature is the send invoices via email.

When you create your invoice and select the customer that is applied to, from the click of a button you can then save and send them the email containing the invoice.

The save and send feature lets you email invoices instantly

Zoho’s reporting makes tax time simple

Zoho’s Other Features Save Time

There are a number of other helpful features when you start taking advantage of free invoicing.

Not only can you create your invoices, but you can also create estimates/quotes, and record your expenses. There’s even a spot to upload your receipts so you don’t have to keep a physical copy. Which is no longer a requirement of the Australian Tax Office.

One of the best additional features is reporting. At the end of the financial year, you can pull out a complete rundown of your invoices and totals. Then you don’t have to go through and count each individual payment received. A huge time saver!

Get Started With Zoho’s Free Invoicing

You can find their service here:

Zoho free invoicing

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