Mixed Reality: “Seven Ravens” Transforms Books into Visual Wonders

Can you imagine being transported into the pages of a storybook? Prepare to be captivated as you step into a mesmerizing world where characters come to life through reality! Felix & Paul Studios known for pushing boundaries in entertainment unveiled their mixed reality masterpiece, “Jim Hensons The Storyteller; The Seven Ravens,” at the esteemed 80th Venice Film Festival on August 30th.

Group of people immersed in mixed reality experience, exploring "Seven Ravens" story in a modern, dimly lit room with futuristic furniture

Unparalleled Mixed Reality Adventure

Picture yourself holding an illustrated childrens book and witnessing its characters spring to life surrounding you with their animated presence. This extraordinary experience by Felix & Paul Studios called Seven Ravens has been in development since 2018. Has reached its pinnacle in 2023. Crafted over five years this awe inspiring mixed reality journey revolves around a fairy tale narrated by none than Neil Gaiman. The physical book not serves as the stage, for these captivating events. Also acts as an intuitive “controller” guiding the progression of the story.

Felix and Paul Studios exterior with vibrant black and orange projections inspired by "Seven Ravens" mixed reality project at dusk

Felix & Paul Studios. Innovators, in Immersive Entertainment

For the decade Felix & Paul Studios has been at the forefront of art and entertainment consistently pushing boundaries. Founded by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël their impressive portfolio includes collaborations with personalities like Barack Obama and Lebron James. Their latest venture into reality storytelling has solidified their position as pioneers in the industry. The development of The Seven Ravens experience faced challenges along the way including hurdles with Magic Leap and disruptions caused by the pandemic. However thanks to the support of Epic Games and Qualcomm the project found its momentum. Soared.

Audience immersed in Seven Ravens Premiere, enjoying mixed reality experience with dynamic black and orange visuals in elegant venue

The Premiere of The Seven Ravens and Beyond

With a track record in entertainment, Felix & Paul Studios astounded audiences with the grand premiere of their creation The Seven Ravens, at the 80th Venice Film Festival. While details about distribution plans remain undisclosed for now Raphaël assures that they are engaged in discussions with platforms potentially allowing access to this extraordinary mixed reality gem. Additionally the studio is showcasing Space Explorers; Blue Marble. Orbit 1 at Meta Quest for a captivating VR adventure filmed aboard the International Space Station through collaboration, with NASA.

In summary Felix & Paul Studios never fail to amaze us with their groundbreaking debut, in reality “Jim Hensons The Storyteller; The Seven Ravens.” This extraordinary and captivating experience fills us with wonder and joy while showcasing the potential for advancements in storytelling. As the world of reality continues to evolve we can eagerly look forward to innovative projects from Felix & Paul Studios in the future.

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