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Massive Identity Theft Threat To Australians

Edit: Service NSW has provided an update that not all licenses need updating, just the customers that are notified by Optus

As a result of the data breach, Optus has warned that some users may have had access to a variety of information, including passport and driver’s license details.

Depending on what the consumer first gave Optus, different information may be accessible. In the upcoming days, Optus is likely to notify customers whose driver’s licence number and any associated credit card details were compromised. They are urged to submit a request for a replacement licence as soon as feasible.

Information on how to submit an online application for a replacement driver’s license through Service NSW launch. In fact, it is expected that the Optus email to these clients will include information about a Service NSW centre. Massive Identity Theft Threat to Australians

What data was accessible by Optus?

Around 10 million impacted users anxiously await further information on the scope of the breach, what the firm is doing to assist individuals affected, and what they should be doing to prevent identity theft. The Australian Federal Police is still looking into the Optus data breach.

Personal information exposed, according to Optus, includes emails, full names, dates of birth, mobile numbers, and license numbers. The company said to the press in a statement that “no credentials or financial information is hacked” and that phone calls are made to clients who are most at risk to help them avoid having their identities stolen and used for criminal purposes.

Customers should avoid clicking on links that appear to be coming from Optus. The company has stated that it will not be sending out emails or SMS messages.

But there are rumors that the data is already aquirable on the dark web. And many people think that this is too late. They also think that the firm should held at least partially responsible for the unavoidable stress, anxiety, and loss. Optus’ ability has been inept in securing personal information.

Potentially Most Massive Identity Theft to Australians

Since last week, Optus has received a deluge of communications from irate consumers. People have been cautioned to keep an eye out for opportunistic scammers who are allegedly already taking advantage of the confusion and for identity theft warning flags.

Soon, a class-action lawsuit might be brought against the business. According to the number of individuals affected and the type of information released. This may be the most significant privacy breach in Australian history, according to Ben Zocco of Slater and Gordon Lawyers:

A significant Australian telecommunications company called Optus described a cyber-attack last week. It has affected almost 10 million users, or 40% of the population. It might be the worst massive identity theft threat to Australian’s history, according to some experts. However, this week has seen more upsetting and dramatic events. Such as ransom demands, angry public debates, and questions about whether this was really a “hack.”

The government referred to the breach as “unprecedented” and placed the responsibility on Optus, claiming that the latter “essentially left the window open” for the theft of sensitive data.

NSW Government offers Support to Optus after identity theft

Optus, cyber security and police agencies will continue to receive assistance from Service NSW, ID Support NSW, and Transport for NSW regarding additional measures needed to help limit risk.

Customers of Optus who are affected by the breach are urged to follow dependable sources for updates and to be on the lookout for any attempts to solicit more personal information from them, such as requests for bank account information.

If you believe any of your systems have been forcibly breached, Nimble Nerds can help.

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