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7 Simple Tech Tools For Small Business Budgets

Small business budgets strategies are an essential part of growing a business and tech makes it easier.

During the global financial crash of 2008, I realised this idea of ‘job security’ can unfortunately be a fallacy. It really unnerved me to put all my eggs in the basket of climbing a corporate ladder just to see the bottom of the economy fall out within the first two years of having a full time job.

Whether people like it or not, we work with money everyday and I think it should be common sense to gain financial intelligence. My first source of financial education was Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ who illustrated the issues with banking on a retirement fund and going all in on a job that gives you little control over your cash flow and real financial security let alone a true understanding of financial intelligence.

What he said that I’d never heard before was of a different way. A way not taught in school, a way that wasn’t based on being an employee or soldier. A way that seemed to be more relevant to the information age and not a byproduct of the industrial age.

Technology tools can help you get some of your angles on your finances on autopilot with scheduled transactions, digital ledgers and many other tools.

I’ve created the following web pages to help you learn the fundamentals of the topic:

Free Invoicing & Customer Database

When you have free invoicing and customer databases customers notice quickly when they have a query about a previous service and you can pull up their data instantly. It’s a honed level of organisation.

Bill Customers On The Go With PayPal Or Square Up

When you complete a job on-site or in-store you can also charge customers cards with a billing app, and send them the invoice immediately via email.

Manage Your Small Business Budget With GoodBudget

Getting customers and making money consistently is obviously one of the biggest challenges of a start-up. But holding onto the money you make may likely be even a great challenge. Track your expenses, budget, and recurring bills with GoodBudget app. An outstanding app with many features for budgeting your personal and business finances.

Accounting Template Spreadsheet Excel and Google

Tony Robbins once asked a crowd how many of them keep track of their finances and about 3% were confident they knew them intimately. He stressed it’s the life blood of your business, and it’s essential to knowing how you’re performing. To aid with this, we’ve made an accounting template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets.

Sales Template Spreadsheet For Excel And Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are a great tool to work out your financial figures. Here’s a sales template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets. Sales template spreadsheets allow you to avoid manual calculations. 

Help With Excel – Learn The Basics

Getting some basic functions help with Excel never goes astray. When you learn the benefit spreadsheets can provide, you can boost your productivity and organisation skills tremendously. From keep track of business expenses, sales and even a share houses’ budget, Excel is a great help.

Stay Secure With Computer Security Best Practices

Out of all the things you need to keep safe online, finances has to be number 1. From bank accounts, super and share portfolios to Paypal payments there are many ways the person with ill intent can get a hold of your money. We’ve create a page covering the essentials of computer security best practices. It will help you thoroughly and concisely understand the importance of complex passwords as well as ‘social engineering’, probably the most common way of gaining access to someone’s sensitive data. We include the importance of software and password updates and two-factor authentication also.

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