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Famous life coach Tony Robbins once asked a crowd how many of them keep track of their finances and about 3% were confident they knew them intimately. He stressed it’s the lifeblood of your business, and it’s essential to knowing how you’re performing. To aid with this, we’ve made an accounting template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets.

For example, here’s what Tony has to say about keeping a good accounting record of your numbers:

As you can see, this accounting template simply contains your payments received, your expenses by category and your profit in fortnightly cycles. You can download it a bit down the page. Here’s an intro to what the accounting template spreadsheet helps you do:

Expenses Spreadsheet

Use this accounting spreadsheet to track your expenses. The column at the end automatically calculates your profit for the week, taking into account all of your expenses and deducting them from your payments received for that fortnight cycle.

Use this accounting spreadsheet instead of free bookkeeping software

While this is a simple accounting template spreadsheet, it does the job! It let’s you keep track of your expenses, and then when tax time rolls around you don’t have to spend all that time counting your receipts.

So, do you need to spend your time setting up and even paying for bookkeeping software? This spreadsheet, combined with the sales template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets are all you need.

Video walk through for accounting spreadsheet template

Finally, here is a simple walk through YouTube video for using the different parts of the spreadsheet; entering your data and allowing it to calculate your numbers.

Here are the links to download the accounting template spreadsheet:

This small business accounting spreadsheet couples really well with storing your receipts digitally. You can take pics of your receipts and have them automatically saved into your cloud storage. A ‘how to save photos in the cloud’ tutorial is coming soon.

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