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Sales Template Spreadsheet For Excel

Sales Template Spreadsheet For Excel

Spreadsheets are a great tool to work out your financial figures. Here’s a sales template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets. Sales template spreadsheets allow you to avoid manual calculations. For example, if you’re calculating cost per kilometre for tax, commission percentages or GST, simply plug in a sale amount and when the formulas are set, the sales template spreadsheet provides the results.

Next. let’s see a visual example, the image below shows that from entering the sales figure and expenses amounts into the cells, the profit is calculated. The D2 cell contains the formula =B2-C2 (that is cell B2, $2000, minus cell C2, $800) so the contents of the D2 cell displays automatically. These cells? format for currency to two decimal points.

Excel Spreadsheets For Sales Are Quite Involved

While example is simple, you? can turn it into many calculations. By adding total values of columns, you can determine:

  • end of year figures
  • produce reports
  • create forecasts.
  • decreases the amount of manual calculations
  • boosts your ability to keep your finger on your financial pulse
  • immediately back track to previous weeks or years of sales
  • draw comparisons and understandings from the results

A Picture Of Your Finances With Sales Tracking Spreadsheets

Therefore, someone well versed with spreadsheets, whether they use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, can:

  • save time
  • keep account of different figures
  • have a better zoomed out perspective of finances
  • track finances to the cent

This sales template spreadsheet replicates for use across all spreadsheet platforms.

Sales Template Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

The separate sales template spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets are available for download below:

Download free Google Sheets sales templates

This sales tracking creates a picture for you, the summaries help to gain perspective of cash-flow. Add and remove content but be sure the new content you add is included in the formulas you?re using.

Google Sheets Sales Spreadsheets Make Things Easier

As a result, having a Google sales spreadsheet is the most beneficial. Record each separate sale, who made the sale, as well as, the expenses involved as part of the sale. Service businesses that include paying the staff member for their time to provide the service, the cost of parts, and the cost of travel to provide the service. You can even build these features into the template. It calculates the profit automatically.

Adding comments to the job, to take note of the specifics in travel; tolls, parking, travel time, for example, helps when reanalyzing a financial action in the past. Do this by right clicking on the cell and adding a comment. It also tracks profitability of each service provided to the cent.

While this Google Sales Template Spreadsheet is a great template for services, as there are fewer transactions, you can also use it for itemised sales of any kind. Change, add or remove the column names to customise it for your needs.

Excel and Google Sheets function very similarly with the following features.

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