Top Ten Tech Tools To Make Your Business Better

Tech provides outstanding tools you can utilise to skyrocket the organisation, billing, and communications within your business. So, what are the top ten tech tools to make your business better? Read on to find out!

Without further ado, here’s a run down of my favourite apps and websites. I highly recommend these tech tools to almost everyone, not only for business but for personal applications too!

Top Ten Tech Tools

ToDoIst – this task management tool allows you to make to-do lists. Simple as that. The beauty of it is, that each item you put on your list, you can tick off from your phone. Make recurring due dates and reminders for each task. Create separate lists for different categories, and share your lists too. So if you have staff, for example, set a task that reminds Sally to lock up on Wednesdays. When she ticks that the task is complete, you’ll get a notification.

GoodBudget – is an outstanding budgeting tool. Create envelopes for each category. Schedule a day each week or fortnight, for example, that your pay comes in and is allocated to your different envelopes. If you have recurring billing, you can schedule those transactions and the dates they occur. This is an automated tool for tracking your automatic payments and your budget for each category, to the cent.

G Suite – cloud apps by Google. Google manages your email accounts for your business emails. When you setup your Google business emails connected to your web address, you get a new world of management. Not only can you synchronise your inbox between devices, and share that inbox with your staff, you can also share your calendars between your staff and synchronise their entries.

Zoho – free invoicing. Pop your customer’s details into this system. Then send your invoices to their listed emails automatically. View what’s overdue, remind your clients, or set recurring invoices to automatically create among a plethora of other features.

SplitWise – this is a great app for keeping account of what you’re owed and what you owe your associates. Add people or groups and record each transaction, retaining what you and they have paid. A great tool for sharehouses too!

SquareUp – process debit and credit cards on the fly. If you visit clients and provide services, or have a cafe or a store where you don’t want to pay for an ATM machine, use this app to process cards and have the payments land in your bank account the next day. Jump on the website, and if you have multiple roaming staff, you can see which of them has processed which transactions and for what amounts.

MailChimp – create lists of your clients’ email addresses. This allows you to send out broadcasts to your clients and to give them updates or offers in relation to your business. Check the percentage of your audience that has opened the email. Schedule emails too, so if you’d like to write the content for a month of emails all in one day, you can schedule them to be sent out over time so you’re not spamming your audience.

WhatsApp – chat with your team in a group or speak to individuals via messaging. Make Internet phone calls with this app. This is a handy tool when compared to Facebook messenger, because you can use it without procrastinating through Facebook content.

Audible – super popular audiobook app. Sign up for a low monthly fee that allows you to get one new audiobook per month. A great tool if you’re doing lots of driving, make sure you have a bluetooth/fm transmitter in your car, so you can put your phone’s audio through your car speakers. Some great titles are ‘Unshakeable’ by Tony Robbins or ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. – last but not least. Many famous entrepreneurs absolutely insist that to gain, you must give. Kiva is a website that allows you to microfinance interest free loans to individuals in developing regions. This gives financing to regions that don’t have access to it. Borrowers choose their payment time. When the borrower repays the interest free loan, then you loan that amount out to another borrower. This allows you to accumulate funds, if you’re making regular donations and make a bigger difference over time.

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