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What is the Blue Screen of Death?

When the Microsoft Windows operating system crashes or meets a fatal issue, it will often display a blue screen of death or BSOD error. This mistake may result in a stop code and a hexadecimal error code being shown, with some also experiencing a system crash and restart.

Oftentimes, these issues are due to hardware and software problems, such as mismatched software, malfunctioning and faulty hardware components, and device driver issues.

Common Causes of Blue Screen of Death

Hardware Issues

When a hardware, such as the RAM or hard drive, is faulty or malfunctions, it can also cause this BSOD error.
Our technicians will approach this issue by examining the hardware and USB devices on your computer to find and fix any issues.
Hardware Repairs

Driver Problems

These are the incompatible or outdated device drivers causing the blue screen error to appear.
To fix this, our technicians will update or even need to disable drivers that are causing conflicts and then restart your windows.
Driver Issues

Software Conflicts

At times, recently installed software or incompatible software can also lead to blue screen errors.
Our Nimble Nerds technicians will help you in identifying, uninstalling or removing software and programs that are causing the issues.
Software Troubleshooting

System File Corruption

BSOD errors are also be caused by corrupted files in the system or a system crash.
Our team of technicians will use programs like Windows key Memory Diagnostic and System File Checker (SFC scan) o fix these system faults.
Windows Key Memory Diagnostics

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More In-Depth Details:

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows Memory Diagnostic
One useful tool for locating and resolving memory-related problems that can also be generating the BSOD error is the Windows Memory Diagnostic.
RAM Issues

System File Checker (SFC Scan)

System File Checker (SFC Scan)
Many blue screen faults can be fixed with the help of the System File Checker, a program that finds and fixes corrupted system files and error codes.
System File Checker


It is safe to say that seeing the "blue screen of death" can be annoying and interferes with your daily tasks. Because of this, at Nimble Nerds, we specialize in swiftly and effectively identifying and resolving BSOD problems in safe mode so that you can resume your normal activities.
So believe that our expert technicians here at Nimble Nerds will resolve any issues you may be having with Windows loading, hardware malfunctions, program conflicts, or corrupted system files.
Give us a call us right now to speak with one of our best specialists in less than 30 minutes- and get your computer issues resolved quickly and efficiently!

How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death

To fix a BSOD, follow these steps::

  1. To check for memory problems, run Windows Memory Diagnostic.

  2. Update or disable any device drivers that might be the source of the issue from the control panel.

  3. To fix corrupted system files, run an SFC scan using System File Checker (SFC).

  4. Remove any newly installed software that might not be compatible.

  5. If the problem continues, reinstall Windows on the computer.

The main causes include hardware failures, driver issues, and corrupted system files. Our technicians can diagnose and address the specific cause in your system.

While a BSOD indicates a critical system error, it is a safeguard to prevent further damage. It’s essential to diagnose and fix the underlying issue to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Not necessarily. While viruses can cause system instability, leading to a BSOD, most Windows BSOD occurs due to hardware failures or software conflicts.

Resolve your tech troubles with essential processes today—call now and connect with a top technician within 30 minutes!

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