How to Gain Organic Reach On Social Media

How to Gain Organic Reach On Social Media

With social media companies constantly thinking of ways to become more profitable by placing their advertising networks at the forefront of content sharing, organic reach has become more difficult to achieve. Luckily, there are still some actionable and effective ways with which you can use organic social media marketing to your advantage.

Arguably the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy is organic social media marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Social Media Marketing?

The most obvious benefits of organic social media marketing are that it is free and, if done right, can be used for community and brand-building. Organic social media marketing is a way of leveraging your content to create a longer-lasting presence and brand recognition on social media, while with the use of paid ads, the influence you gain over your consumers lasts for the interaction they will have with your ad that one time. Having said that, let’s look at how you can boost your results using organic social media marketing.

Make Sure Your Profiles Pack a Punch

Since your posts will eventually sink to the abyss of endless social media content, you need to make sure that your profiles are memorable and cause your visitors to actively follow your work. Choose a unique and catchy username along with a recognizable and creative logo. If you have the ability to add background art, be sure to use images that say something positive about your brand. Your ‘About’ page should be relevant to your niche while using as many high-quality keywords as you can without crossing the line into the keyword-stuffing territory.

Provide Evergreen Content

It is commonplace even for businesses to fall into the trap of posting rehashed content or reposting material that has been widely shared by others. Get in the habit of uploading fun, educational content that helps your audience solve a problem or brings out a smile. Be sure to make your content collaborative by leveraging the efforts and contributions of your friends and followers. This type of post is more likely to get bookmarked so that it can be revisited by users at a later date, thus bypassing the temporary nature of the whitewater rapids known as a newsfeed.

Social media gets a bad rap. It can be a huge time suck. I like to install in Chrome the extensions ‘News Feed Eradicator For Facebook’ and ‘Work Mode – Block All Social Media’. This allows me to actively schedule social media time, and make it work-related too.

Stay Current With Organic Social Media Marketing Algorithms

Your key to unlocking the door to organic social media traffic is to understand social media algorithms. Keeping in tune with what the big platforms are changing in their ranking algorithms will put you a step ahead in understanding what kind of content social media networks want their audience to view. If you tailor your content to the criteria set forth by the social media networks themselves, you will find that your organic reach will increase drastically.

Know how each social channel rewards what. This lets you get a larger reach. It often is value giving centric – the more interaction you get, the more eyeballs you get.

A good example of this is organic marketing on Facebook. The newsfeed rankings are subject to 4 determinants:

  • The inventory of stories available
  • The signals that affect ranking determination
  • The predictions Facebook makes about how likely you are to comment on a particular story
  • Score that denoted the relevancy for each story

To better understand organic marketing on Facebook, try spending some time comparing posts in your newsfeed that go viral with some of your own posts. See if you can spot some key takeaways from the more successful posts. If they are within the same industry follow some of them to do some comparisons.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Don’t use the machine-gun method of making rapid-fire posts that leave very little impact. Instead, spend more time crafting your uploads and try posting during slow hours for each respective platform. That way your organic content will be less likely to get washed away during the busier parts of the day.

Build a Community Around Your Brand

Build groups and communities where users will want to spend time and interact with you. A group brings like-minded people together. Groups can spread organically through sharing and are a great way to increase your organic reach.

Finally, provide content to your target audience without the use of social media newsfeeds with a website. Use your social media presence to bring users to these external content areas. Perhaps a niche website, a newsletter, or a forum can become a tool for spreading your reach. This is so that if a social channel crumbles as Myspace did you retain all your content making hard work.

Are you concerned about the ethics of social? Gary Vee, a brilliant digital marketer repeats ‘the Internet is making people horrible, it’s exposing people that are’. You choose who to be online as much as you do in your life.

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