Finished Your Website? Now It’s Website Traffic!

Making money online is a minefield of information and money-grabbing, so it can be very hard to know where to turn when deciding on how you’re going to start getting website traffic from online sources in an ethical manner.

But you’re off the mark! You’ve got your website up, so this is where to now steer your ship.

We’ve put together the best channels for website traffic generation in a very brief manner, to help you decide what may be the best avenue for you to pursue.

Where To Find The Website Traffic Experts

There are many YouTube resources with tonnes of free content on how to’s and getting deeper into the topic, so I recommend treading very lightly if you’re thinking of spending thousands on the next best shiny course to teach you how to do digital marketing. I’ve mentioned three amazing digital marketers below and linked to their YouTube channels where they have what seems like it would take a lifetime of information to get through. And they’re always releasing new relevant content on the cutting edge of the field.

Neil Patel says getting the first 1,000 visitors to your site is a mammoth challenge.

Neil Patel, a master of generating website traffic says that the most challenging part of building a profitable website is getting your first thousand visitors, even harder than getting the first 10,000.
There is a tonne of ways to get traffic to your website, and different industries, generally depending on how much creativity is involved in the industry have different ideal traffic obtainment methods.

Alex Becker consistently provides amazing insight and motivation for those pursuing clients from online sources.

Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to do every channel at once says Alex Becker. Master one and then keep moving. It’s common consensus to build your website first, and channel website traffic to your site’s content from social media links. This is so that if any social channels fail in the future, you still have your website. This way you own your foundations and another site failing can’t take that away from you.

Content Is King When It Comes To Website Traffic

If you’re looking to start creating content across multiple channels, this free guide is a great place to start.

You can repurpose your website’s content so it’s appropriate and contextual to the audience that you’re reaching on different social media channels too. Gary Vee, creator of Vaynermedia and the go-to for digital marketing insight has released his content model, where a single piece of long-form content can be repurposed for different channels time and time again. Here are his 86 pages of insanity. For example, cutting up little snippets of the long-form or ‘pillar’ content for Snapchat, or turning an insightful quote into an image for Instagram. Link the repurposed content to the main article for users wanting additional information.

So Many Options, Where Do I Start?

There are many many factors to traffic generation, but the following sections cover the most popular methods. It’s a very competitive field, and it takes a lot of trial and error to see progress at first. Once you start to get it down though, you can see it snowball.

Everyone has their own approach. But what we’ve done is start with a mailing list. This allows us to keep in touch with our current clients and provide them with helpful new information.

We then built a website with an option to join that mailing list. Then drove traffic to that website on day 1 using PPC advertising. While we were paying for website traffic we spent time ranking our site organically in search engines.

It took some time with trials and testing to start to make our paid traffic cashflow positive but we got there. IT is an incredibly competitive industry for digital marketing, unlike many others. We started to grow fast but Google sadly banned paid ads for the IT support industry, so it was lucky that we didn’t have all our eggs in the one basket. We quickly moved to Bing for paid ads.

A heavy quantity of valuable content allows a site to do well in search results, especially when it’s optimised. Most people choose to do this by building a blog with daily or weekly helpful articles.

Repurposing these articles for social media allows you to create a tonne more helpful content. The social media platforms can provide the ability to boost that content further using their paid social media advertising programs.

Are My Efforts Working? How Can I Measure The Website Traffic?

The best way to see if your efforts are bearing fruit is by attaching Google Analytics to your website. The capabilities of Analytics are gigantic, but a good starting point is to analyse the primary sources of your website traffic and look at their behaviour on your site.

Google analyses website behaviour to determine the quality of your website, that’s why providing outstanding, valuable content is key. As they say ‘content is king’. Google looks at:

  • Quantity of traffic
  • Bounce rate (traffic leaving before 3 seconds have passed)
  • Site load speeds
  • Average time on page

These are the fundamentals that Google rewards, so Analytics can help create a picture of what you need to work on.

Measuring and analysing data is essential to the growth

Outsourcing Online To Fill Your Digital Gaps

Many business coaches highly recommend playing to your strengths. When you’re wearing so many hats running a business, creating a website results in that many more hats to wear. Graphic design, web coding, interface design, data analytics, seo, ppc, social media marketing and content creation are all additional skillsets required to build an effective digital presence.

If you have the inclination to develop these skills there are a ton of courses at low cost available at Udemy If you need to delegate (not abdicate from) certain tasks, you’ll find that the skill of finding people at the right price with the right skills is an asset.

Find the best fits to build your team

We’ve created a detailed article about the benefits of outsourcing online to fill your digital gaps. It includes the best places to find potential contractors to work with you.

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