A Complete Guide On How To Ignite Structures In Fortnite

Fortnite keeps dropping cool challenges to keep the gamers interested. In the recent release, they started the Herald challenge. To acquire The Herald Outfit and additional items from the Nothing’s Forever Set, one must complete The Herald’s Battle Pass missions.

These include:

If you are having trouble completing the Ignite structures challenge, this article will help you complete your quests in no time.

Igniting structures:

How To Ignite Structures In Fortnite? In Fortnite, we can burn various objects, but some burn better than others, and there are various ways to burn them.

Let’s discuss the best method to complete this simple mission and unlock the Epitaph Edge Pickaxe.

Burning structures using Fireflies:

You may burn houses made of brick, wood, and metals but only the wood and bricks are susceptible to burning. Metal structures won’t burn. Thus instead of wasting your time and energy trying to burn large buildings made of brick and metal, focus on burning large wooden buildings.

You can use the Firefly Jars to capture fireflies and later use them to burn these structures. Fireflies can be found near rivers, campfires, and some trees. You will need to collect a few of them in order to finish your mission, so don’t think that one or two will do the job.

After collecting the fireflies, head to any wooden structure and throw the jars by targeting the centre and sides of the building; this will cause maximum damage. Don’t waste all your jars by throwing them at one side of the house; instead, divide and conquer.

Burning structures using Gas cans:

You can find Gas cans near gas stations at various locations in Fortnite, which can be used to start a fire. Simply find the gas can and place it in the centre of a wooden house, preferably using two or three gas cans, and then you will easily complete this mission in no time.
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