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Common Reasons Your Computer Won't Turn On:

Power Supply Problems

Symptom: No power indicators, no lights, no fans rotating.
Solution: Our Nimble Nerds technicians will inspect your power supply to make sure it is operating correctly.
This inspection includes the I/O switch on the power supply and, if needed, testing with a spare power cord. But don't worry, our Nimble Nerds team can replace the power supply if its broken.
Power Supply Problems

Power Button Issues

Symptom: Nothing happens when the power button is pressed.
Solution: One reason for this may be that the power button is improperly attached. To see if it is connected, our Nimble Nerds specialists will check the power switch and the motherboard's power switch header pins.
Power Button Doesn't Work

Loose Connections

Symptom: Intermittent power or no power.
Solution: Loose CPU power cables or disconnected internal components can prevent startup. We will ensure all components are securely connected correctly and properly seated.
Computer Troubleshooting

BIOS Settings

Symptom: Computer starts but doesn’t boot properly.
Solution: Incorrect BIOS settings can prevent your computer from booting. We can reset these startup settings to default and update the BIOS if needed.
BIOS Settings

Hardware Failures

Symptom: No boot or error messages
Solution: When your computer faces critical hardware issues such as malfunctioning graphics card, RAM not seated properly or motherboard manual, it may not boot properly. That is why, our specialists will diagnose and replace any hardware that is broken.
Hardware Repair

Checking Power Cables

Symptom: No power despite everything else appearing normal.
Solution: Ensure the power cable is properly plugged into a functioning wall outlet or surge protector. We’ll also check if the power strip, same cable, or surge protector is defective by testing it with a different power source.
Is Your Computer Plugged In Properly

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Computer Repairs Sydney Frequently Asked Questions:

We start with a thorough diagnosis, checking the power supply and monitor cable, unplug USB devices, BIOS settings, and hardware components to identify the root cause and fix it promptly.

This could be due to software issues or incorrect BIOS settings. We can help reset your settings and guide you through the Windows Recovery Environment.

It might be an onboard power button issue, a faulty power supply, or loose internal components. We’ll diagnose and resolve the problem.

Booting in safe mode or using the automatic repair screen in the Windows Recovery Environment can help and check the computer’s user manual. If these steps don’t work, our technicians can assist further.

This might indicate a problem with the operating system or an internal hardware issue. We can perform a double check and provide the necessary fixes.

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