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We're A Mobile Laptop Repair Company With Drop-Offs Available Too

computer repairs often involve fixing software issues too

We believe that it’s best to operate as onsite lapop repairs technicians.

This is because a whole lot of technology cannot be moved to a nearby laptop repairs service.

Printers, home networks, monitors and other parts and problems just can’t be moved about easily.

Our local team to Sydney is mobile and ready to provide onsite laptop repairs from anywhere between Bondi, Sutherland, the Central Coast and Blue Mountains.

But if you would prefer to drop a machine to us, we can certainly cater to those needs; we know that sometimes people would prefer to drop off their machines to a nearby laptop repairs team.

For that reason, we now have locations in Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta and Wyong to accept your devices and contact you quickly with updates, expected costs and timeframes required to resolve your requests.

4 Drop Off Locations!
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North Sydney

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Building 3
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Level 15
60 Station St East

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Mobile Laptop Repairs Sydney & Surrounds

Our CBD office is certainly not far from from Pyrmont, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Edgecliff, Surry Hills, Barangaroo and Paddington. 

But please don’t hesitate to ask if we can come on site much further from the Sydney CBD and we also have laptop support technicians roving from Parramatta, North Sydney and Wyong and are happy to even head into the Blue Mountains for example. 

Our laptop repairs technicians Sydney experts are roving and ready to help!

Laptop Repairs Sydney FAQ

Yes! Laptops can certainly be repaired.

Many parts of a laptop can be repaired however a more important question is our laptop repairs economical?

Laptops that are older than 3 years are rarely economical to repair unless they are gaming laptops.

Also touch screens are rarely economical to fix.

If your machine doesn’t meet this criteria then it is often best to consider having a laptop repair technician remove your hard drive so that they can recover your data and move it onto a new machine.

It may surprise you that many computer technician stores & services don’t provide laptop repairs.

This is because quite often it’s hard to test and ensure that laptop repairs are done in a way that results in improved longevity.

Laptop repairs also require quite a different skill set to a standard technicians experience.

This is because laptop repairs often require electronic component repair skills as opposed to hardware and software skills.

We can cater to most laptop repair requests but definitely need to ensure that they are economical before going ahead.

The short answer is that it’s not always worth getting a laptop repaired.

This is because some components take up so much of the laptops build, but you would be better off replacing the entire machine.

A good rule of thumb is if the machine is older than 3 years or if the machine has a touchscreen then it is likely that it is not worth the cost of repairs.

It’s always best when giving your hardware to a technician for laptop repairs to ensure that they are a legitimate business.

There is a lot of fraud in the ICT sector so it’s always best to meet technicians face to face because then you can be sure that they are subject to Australian consumer law.

This means that if you ever had any issues you can get in touch with the Department of Fair Trading if you really needed to and follow through with any unsafe activity such as fraud or theft.

It’s quite common to have battery problems in laptops.

Sometimes this can be caused by driver issues in windows but most often the cause needs to be resolved by replacing the battery.

Most laptops these days have internal batteries so do require an experienced laptop technician to provide the labour but dismantling the machine and installing the new battery.

Battery replacements generally cost including labour about $200.

Laptop screens when they are not touch screens are not substantially difficult to repair but it’s always best to call on a laptop technician when you need to do hardware changes in a machine to ensure you don’t damage it further.

Laptop screen repairs generally cost between $250 and $350.

The biggest determinant of cost is the quality of the screen.

If you’re wanting to replace a laptop touchscreen then unfortunately we’ve determined that it’s uneconomical to proceed with.

Repairing laptop keyboard is quite a simple process.

First we need to dismantle the laptop to determine the serial numbers on the specific component.

Then it takes less than an hour to install.

As a result this service usually costs less than $200, including the part and labour.


Issues with laptop motherboards are generally indicated through power issues.

When laptops don’t turn on or turn off suddenly they are generally experiencing a problem that needs to be resolved by repairing the motherboard.

This can be one of the most difficult problems to fix and it’s rare to find laptop technicians that can successfully result this issue.

Issues such as this are assessed and quoted on but generally cost close to $500 to repair.

So laptop repairs such as this unfortunately quite often  are uneconomical to proceed with and generally are only beneficial for laptops that are less than 3 years old.

We do quite often find that when we provide a quote for repairs like this customers prefer not to go ahead with it but do want our laptop technicians to remove the hard drives so that the data can be recovered.

If you need to repair a laptop hard disk it generally means that you need to change the hard disk that’s internal to the machine.

A great upgrade currently is to remove a faulty hard drive and install a solid state drive.

Most often the data from a damaged hard drive can then be recovered and transferred to the new drive.

If this laptop hard disk repair process fails then the issue can be escalated to our data recovery specialists and that allows us to quote on a more advanced data recovery method.

If you need to repair a laptop charger then there are two things that can be at fault.

One of these is the external wall adaptor and the other is the internal DC jack.

If the external wall adaptor is faulty then it’s best to replace it.

If the internal DC Jack is faulty then we need to dismantle the laptop and provide a quote.

Windows often gets thrown into an automatic repair loop when the hard drive is failed.

We see this is the cause of this problem 95% of the time.

To resolve this issue requires replacement of the drive and unfortunately can also mean that your data it is jeopardised.

If you manage to get into Windows then you should do a backup immediately but you can also cause further damage if you keep trying to turn on the machine when it’s not starting up properly. 

This is because it will further exacerbate hard drive fault and may result in the data being harder to recover once it gets into a laptop technicians hands.

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