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We're A Mobile Computer Repair Company With Drop-Offs Available Too

computer repairs often involve fixing software issues too

We believe that it’s best to operate as onsite computer repairs technicians.

This is because a whole lot of technology cannot be moved to a nearby computer repairs service.

Printers, home networks, monitors and other parts and problems just can’t be moved about easily.

Our local team to Sydney is mobile and ready to provide onsite computer repairs from anywhere between Bondi, Sutherland, the Central Coast and Blue Mountains.

But if you would prefer to drop a machine to us, we can certainly cater to those needs; we know that sometimes people would prefer to drop off their machines to a nearby computer repairs team.

For that reason, we now have locations in Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta and Wyong to accept your devices and contact you quickly with updates, expected costs and timeframes required to resolve your requests.

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Mobile Computer Repairs Sydney & Surrounds

We are certainly not far from Pyrmont, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Edgecliff, Surry Hills, Barangaroo, Paddington and nearby surrounding areas from our Sydney CBD office.

But please don’t hesitate to ask if we can come on site much further from the Sydney CBD. Our computer repairs Sydney experts are roving and ready to help!

Computer Repairs Sydney FAQ

It’s important to consider the cost of repairing your computer so that you’re provided with economical solutions.

Our process involves speaking with a qualified Nimble Nerds technician before booking an appointment. This helps the technician to not only determine the best approach to your concern but to give an estimate of time and cost. After that you can decide if you’d like to proceed with booking a time that’s good for you.

We do our best to pre-emptively go by industry protocols. We feel that if a machine costs more than 30% of it’s original value then it may be more economical to replace it. Especially if the computer or laptop needing particularly hardware repairs is over 5 years old.

Unfortunately it’s often not that simple because your data needs to be taken into account too. Sometimes recovering and reclaiming data can be quite an involved process. It’s typically worth more than the value of the technology you’re using. Baby photos, thesis’, and corporate data are very treasured. So while a machine may be uneconomical to repair, it’s worth taking into account what value you place on your data too.

According to recent Google policy updates, technicians are connected to one of the most concerning occupations in online searches. They’ve even banned everyone in the industry utilising paid advertising on their platform.

Next to bond loans and locksmiths, computer technicians come in a close 3rd. This is because there are many online fraudsters and hackers claiming to be Google, Microsoft or Internet service providers and take advantage of the trusting clients.

Nimble Nerds work face to face with clients in Sydney. So not only do you know that we are local and subject to Australian consumer laws, but you get to know who we are as individuals.

After initial services we can work remotely for efficiency and timely responses though. Especially if you need us to manage and monitor critical infrastructure or computer security.

It’s always best to check online reviews and even do business name searches to ensure that the companies you’re speaking to are registered in Australia.Especially if something doesn’t seem right, or you’re hesitant.

There’s a great way to test the legitimacy of someone calling you too. If they are claiming to be from an organisation, hang up and call that organisation back on their official number. This way you know you’re actually speaking to the real call center.

If you own a business and use your technology for work, the short answer is yes.

If you are an employee, this would be best answered by your colleagues in that field or by a registered accountant as the answers vary.

Please always check with an accountant to ensure you are effectively claiming on not only your hardware for work usage but your Internet connection, electricity and the labour provided too!

In that sense it’s very much like applicable tax laws for cars.

You may walk into a computer store and find that people do not have Australian industry standards or even any qualifications to repair your computer. This is not only a trust concern but also presents questions around topics such as: Are they recommending the best solutions? Is your data safe?

There’s many nuanced and highly specific aspects of technology that ensure end users have the most ease of use possible, that they are secure and their data is safe too.

These are all important considerations.

The owner of Nimble Nerds has two engineering certifications in both network engineering and Internet engineering as well as about 20 years in the industry. His grandfather was also in the industry, so before he was old enough to work in the field, he was learning from the age of 6. That’s before Windows 95 was released.

Our combined experience is closer to a century of experience though. So we’ve certainly seen and repaired a plethora of concerns.

All hired staff are screened for not just tertiary qualifications in either engineering or computer science but as they are working independantly, they must have substantial industry experience too. So they are not surprised with hurdles they face in the field. We ensure they have outstanding customer services capacity too. And we also ensure that they are also able to call in to our support structure to add a second brain to the most challenging scenarios by escalating to tier 2 computer repair experts who can remote in and supervise if necessary.

Firstly, our Sydney computer repairs protocol is to solve issues on the spot, so you’re not without your machine for days.
If we need extra parts we’ll pop out and come straight back with those parts to install and configure.

Ultimately, this question can feel like ‘how long is a piece of string’ to computer repair experts, until it’s diagnosed, that is.

So the first step of determining how long an issue takes is finding the cause.

It’s often straight forward to estimate the cause. A very experienced technician will get their assumption right maybe 8 or 9 times out of 10. Often there can be multiple causes or it requires further looking into though so it’s always best to have a friendly Nimble Nerds computer repair team member look at the machine in question.

After about twenty minutes, most issues and causes would be identified by a technician. Rarely though, some issues can take a lot longer, especially with services for servers or complex networks.

After determining causation, most issues are resolved in less than one hour. Complex issues, which are rarer, would typically take two to three hours if it’s an individual computer or laptop.

Providing Sydney computer repairs with corporate applications can take a lot longer though, as there a tonne more variables: Very large amounts of data, especially over Internet or cloud connections can be hindered by Internet speeds for example. Very complex networks with servers can sometimes result in working closely with a company for days at a time. This is very uncommon and is typically related to a network wide corporate catastrophe.

We’re ready to tackle these catastrophes at a moments notice though. Always prepped at the starting line and keen to assist, even if it’s day and night.

We have mobile computer repairs technicians ready to go 7 days a week! If our computer technicians are given the choice, we would opt to repair all tech on site at your home or business. The main reason for this is that we get to see devices where they are situated on a daily basis. There’s a lot of parts and connections that simply can’t be assessed lugging a machine to a computer shop. Networking, printer, Internet, wifi, connectivity issues are just a few of the things that are next to impossible to carry. Providing computer repair on-site with clients allows us to see things as they are and it removes a lot of potential guess work, allowing us to provide a more thorough result. We can sit with you too, which makes everything transparent. Clients are often surprised and tricks and tips, or getting helpful bits of information to make their day to day easier. It’s important to cross every t and dot every i when providing computer help. So working at home or at a businesses premises is highly recommended. We greatly prefer coming to you at an allocated hour arrival time that suits you.

Computer Repairs Tips & Tricks!

Computer Repairs

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